Fit in 15

Week 1 Nutrition INFO

Scroll for your Nutrition Topics for this week.

First up is learning about the Plate Method of eating and tracking your intake if desired on My Fitness Pal.

If you do decide to use My Fitness Pal please remember to calculate your calorie needs (instead of using the calorie needs My Fitness Pal gives you) using the BMR calculator.

The plate method is our most popular and easy method to follow for the best weight control results. Starting in Week 2 we will go over recipes and meal ideas to help you follow the Plate Method but you feel up to starting it now, go right ahead:)

Build your plate by choosing at least 1 food source from the protein, complex carb, and non starchy veggie tables listed below. Let's start with non-starchy veggies, then scroll for ideas on keeping veggies fresh, then scroll to the protein section and lastly scroll to the carbohydrate section

Non-starchy veggies

If you would like to try tracking your food using My Fitness Pal, here is that info

If you need guidance and accountability on your nutrient needs day to day which will help guide you in your food choices, using My Fitness Pal is a great start! However, if you are not comfortable with tracking your food every day you do not have to.

Click below for help with android app, and for adding DHF as your friend on My Fitness Pal.

If you need help using an android app, watch this video-

And if you need help adding DHF as your friend to share your food log, watch this video-

If you decide to track on My Fitness Pal, here is a link on how to calculate your calorie needs (your BMR) to enter into My Fitness Pal.

BMR calculator- BMR calculator
Remember to edit this based on activity level as well, which is in the table next to the calculator