Fit in 15

Week 2 Nutrition Goals

You have 2 goals for Week 2:

1. Try cooking a meal on your truck using the recipe videos listed below and stock up on groceries using the grocery list and Instacart grocery delivery tutorial if you can't make it into the store.

2. Use the "eating out tips" and truck stop snack ideas listed below

Eating out  and snacking can add on empty calories very quickly! Why? Because restaurants and food manufacturers like to add hidden fat and sugar sources to keep you coming back for more. 

So try some of the options I discuss instead so that you can avoid those empty calories and get nutrient dense calories instead! 

Truck friendly tuna meal idea

Microwave mini pizza

Microwave veggie omelet recipe video!

Use whatever non starchy veggies you have on hand for this omelet! Leafy greens like spinach or arugula, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, even zucchini squash all work great.

No cooking required! Sandwich meal

EASY "no recipe" meal ideas!

Try other easy meals from this list. Remember to follow the Plate Method where you aim for the largest portion on your plate to be low calorie, non-starchy veggies! No portioning or measuring required because making those veggies the largest portion will naturally reduce the portions you eat of calorie containing foods!

Easy "no recipe" meal ideas

Grocery list and Grocery delivery tutorial

Instacart grocery order can work with Aldi, Hyvee, Costco, Sprouts, Sam’s, Publix- just to name a few. The reason Instacart is a cool tool for drivers or anyone leading a busy lifestyle is that all Instacart needs to deliver your groceries is a zip code. So if you are taking a break at a truck stop you can have them delivered there, or spending a couple hours at shipper/receiver- that works too!

And keep in mind that anytime you can cook in your truck you save money and calories 😉

To find the written instruction on how to place an order go to the Instacart Help Center.

Or watch the video below.
And here's your grocery list:
Grocery list Week 2
Now on to goal #2! Making balanced choices when you're not the one making the food.

Making nutrient dense choices at a truck stop

Eating out

Yes you can eat out and stay on track with your nutrition goals!
Just follow these tips listed on the sheet

Top Eating Out Tip sheet