Fit in 15

Week 3 Nutrition Goals

You have 3 goals for Week 3:

1. Cook at least 1 meal every day from your truck. Use the recipe videos and "easy no recipe meal ideas" sheet for some tasty options

2. Get some grocery shopping in! Watch the video on how to place an Instacart order or plan a grocery trip and use the grocery list for this week. I would HIGHLY recommend also adding some snacks from the "balanced snack list" to your grocery list as well

3. If you are going to eat out, use at least 2 of the tips from the "eating out tip" sheet and choose some snack ideas from the truck stop video

Microwave protein oatmeal

Frozen meal idea: Power Blends

Frozen meals are a good thing to keep on hand for a no-brainer meal. There are lots of options that are not the most nutrient dense, but in this video I discuss one balanced frozen meal.

No cooking required! Truck friendly adult lunchable

Microwave sweet potato and chili meal

EASY "no recipe" meal ideas!

Easy "no recipe" meal ideas

Try other easy meals from this list. Remember to follow the Plate Method where you aim for the largest portion on your plate to be low calorie, non-starchy veggies! No portioning or measuring required because making those veggies the largest portion will naturally reduce the portions you eat of calorie containing foods!

Goal #2 is a big step in cooking from the truck, because you will need groceries! You get an added benefit here of spending less than half the amount for each meal YOU prepare then when you buy a meal prepared at a restaurant!

Instacart grocery order tutorial

platemethod new

Remember to follow the Plate Method poster as listed above when doing grocery shopping.

Balanced Snack List

Some of these may require some grocery shopping.

Balanced snack ideas

Remember to pair a snack from the CARB side with a snack from the PROTEIN side! If you have a snack from the CARB side by itself you will have an energy CRASH

If you are at the truck stop looking for snacks watch the video below

Week 3 Grocery List

Grocery list week 3
Now on to goal #3! Making balanced choices when you're not the one making the food.

Making nutrient dense choices at a truck stop

Eating out

Yes you can eat out and stay on track with your nutrition goals!
Just follow these tips listed on the sheet

Top Eating Out Tip sheet