Fit in 15

Week 4 Nutrition Goals

Your goals for Week 4:

1. Learn about the nutrition label and what to actually watch out for!

2. Get some grocery shopping in! Watch the video on how to place an Instacart order or plan a grocery trip and use the grocery list for this week

3. Cook at least 1 meal every day from your truck. Use the recipe videos and "easy no recipe meal ideas" sheet for some tasty options

4. Plan your snacks this week by pairing options from the snack list and including them in your grocery trip

Watch the video or read the tip sheet to learn if you should look at the nutrition label and what to look for.

Watch out for those nutrition tips!

Especially #2 and #3

If you can reduce foods with 10g or more of added sugars/serving and reduce that saturated fat you will be making huge benefits to your gut microbiome which will help you keep the weight off LONG TERM

Goal #2 is a big step in cooking from the truck, because you will need groceries! You get an added benefit here of spending less than half the amount for each meal YOU prepare then when you buy a meal prepared at a restaurant!

Grocery list and Grocery delivery tutorial

Or watch the video below.

platemethod new

Remember to follow the Plate Method poster as listed above when doing grocery shopping.

Refresher on the Plate Method:

All the plate method entails is looking at your plate or bowl before you start eating, and asking yourself, do non-starchy veggies make up the largest part of my meal??

If yes, then awesome! you are naturally portioning yourself with low calorie non-starchy veggies which is hugely effective with LONG TERM weight loss!

If no, then just add some veggies even if it is as simple as adding a couple pickles to your sandwich:)

And here's your grocery list:
Grocery List Week 4

Microwave only black bean quesadilla with veggies

No cooking required! Truck friendly breakfast parfait

No cooking required! Salad Kit with chicken

Microwave only protein Asian bowl

This is one of the most filling recipes I've made!

Frozen Meal Tutorials

Frozen meals are a good thing to keep on hand for a no-brainer meal. However, the freezer section has loads of misleading marketing on meals trying to convince you that they are nutritious.

So read on for recommendations on brands to choose without breaking your calorie bank and/or what to check for on the nutrition label

EASY "no recipe" meal ideas!

Try other easy meals from this list. Remember to follow the Plate Method where you aim for the largest portion on your plate to be low calorie, non-starchy veggies! No portioning or measuring required because making those veggies the largest portion will naturally reduce the portions you eat of calorie containing foods!

Easy "no recipe" meal ideas

Now on to goal #4! stocking up on some balanced snacks.

Snack List

Snacking can make or break your fitness and weight goals.

Ask yourself this:

-Do I avoid eating all day, then get ravenously hungry at the end of my shift and eat everything in sight then lay around or go to bed?

-Do I snack all day? What do I snack on? Chips, nuts, candy, ect?

-Am I drinking on calorie containing beverages throughout the day which is essentially the same as snacking on candy?

All of these things can really put a damper on your metabolism or add on excess calories and pounds. Even if you are snacking on "healthy" choices like nuts or peanut butter, those are still calorie dense foods!

The snack list to the right can help you if you answered yes to any of those initial questions. Give it a try:)

Balanced Snack Ideas

Some of these may require some grocery shopping.

Balanced snack ideas

Remember to pair a snack from the CARB side with a snack from the PROTEIN side! If you have a snack from the CARB side by itself you will have an energy CRASH

If you are at the truck stop looking for snacks, go back to week 3 and watch the truck stop snack video.