Fit in 15

Week 5 Nutrition Goals

Your goals for Week 5:

1. Learn about family ties to chronic disease and look into your family history to see if you have any genetic factors that may put you at risk for chronic diseases

2. Start planning your weekly meals! SCROLL to the bottom to use my sample weekly menu and grocery list! Continue to cook at least 1 meal every day from your truck.

Watch the video to learn about preventing chronic disease

If you do not know your mother's, father's, & sibling's health profiles, try to find out if they have any of the following chronic conditions/diseases. It is also helpful to know health profiles of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Diabetes: Twin studies have proven that genetics are a big factor in developing diabetes. The estimated contribution is about 50/50 from genes and lifestyle. You have about a 50% chance of developing diabetes if you have a family member with diabetes, but a sedentary lifestyle with a diet composed of excess empty calories may push you over the edge

High blood pressure & high cholesterol: a risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. If you have one or more family members with high blood pressure before the age of 60, your risk goes up by 2 times.

Heart disease: Artherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, strokes, ect. Family history risk is very similar to high blood pressure, with 1 family member having a heart attack before age 60 and your chances go up 2 times as high

Goal #2 is a big step. Planning your meals and snacks is a crucial habit to create NOW so that you can maintain your progress after Fit in 15 ends!

Check out the grocery list and weekly menu created from the recipe videos. If you do not like the way I put the meals in you can plan your week on a notebook!!

Use the Plate method, the easy meal ideas, and frozen meal tutorial to help you make changes to your weekly menu if desired.

Week 5 recipe playlist

And here's your sample menu and grocery list:

week 5 phase 2 menu

Grocery list week 5

Click for Easy "no recipe" meal ideas if you do not like the weekly menu. Remember to follow the Plate Method where you aim for the largest portion on your plate to be low calorie, non-starchy veggies! No portioning or measuring required because making those veggies the largest portion will naturally reduce the portions you eat of calorie containing foods

Frozen meals are a good thing to keep on hand for a no-brainer meal. However, the freezer section has loads of misleading marketing on meals trying to convince you that they are nutritious.

So read on for recommendations on brands to choose without breaking your calorie bank and/or what to check for on the nutrition label

Remember to follow the Plate method poster when doing grocery shopping.
Now on to snacks!

Truck stop snack ideas

Grocery delivery

If you need help on learning how to use Instacart click here


 watch the video below.