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Ketogenic Diet – Research & Healthy Ways to Follow

What is the ketogenic diet program?

This program is a four week program designed to be a resource and educational tool for drivers interested in starting the ketogenic diet. The program will dive into the history and research behind the diet as well as lay out potential benefits and side effects of the diet.

Who is the ideal user?

The ideal user for the program can be:

  • Those curious about starting the ketogenic diet but unsure what the diet is all about or how to do the diet in a healthful way
  • Those already doing the ketogenic diet wanting to learn more about the long term effects and research behind the diet

What are the benefits of the program?

Some of the benefits of completing this program include:

  • learning about the history of the diet
  • learning the most healthful way to follow the diet
  • learning the potential side effects and benefits of following the diet