Social Media Pages


Instagram is in our social media methods of reaching drivers. We created this method in 2020 and have had decent success using it so far, although I would say Facebook is your go-to when it comes to popular social media methods. Not much to say about this other than the fact that it is a great source for advertising our various programs and services. Use it and try to reach more drivers industry wide with it and, now that IG is linked to facebook, you can track metrics from it using our Facebook business page.

Facebook Group

Our Driver Health and Fitness Facebook group is by far the most popular page of our social media outlets. We have around 1,200 drivers in it and get great engagement from most everybody in it. It’s a great way for drivers to ask questions, have interactive health minded conversations, and to get DHF staff involved as well. Get with Rachel, our DHF Dietitian about making you a group manager so you can get access to all the features to moderate this group.

We’ve seen the most engagement from the following posts and content;

  • Driver posts about their own health and wellness journey
  • Success stories from our programs
  • Driver social media takeovers from the road
  • LIVE videos featuring DHF staff and videos featuring DHF staff members about various topics

Facebook Business Page

This is one avenue with potential but it’s a little bit above my social media knowledge and skill level as to how to use it effectively. So that being the case I’ll leave the details of this page to you and share the link with you below. Generally, you’ll reach more of a broader audience with your messages on this, whereas the group is more specialized to a select group of drivers obviously.