DHF MailChimp

A Mid-Priority in the Communication Channels

Mailchimp is of value but keep in mind that only about 20-25% of drivers will historically open these. Right now, we have a MailChimp account integrated into our website that is very beneficial to link to various program and services available via our site in which you can create automations for various programs. Right now we sparingly use this program, but it is very beneficial for drivers to get messages about our various services, programs, and monthly newsletters. If we were sending messages to Prime in-house associates we wouldn’t need this because we could internally send messages through Prime’s Outlook email system. Since Prime drivers don’t work internally though they don’t have Prime.com email domains to send to. Since this is the case we recommend sending emails through Mailchimp for the following reasons;

  • Create email automation journey’s for each individual program
  • Create email automation journey’s for each individual service
  • Create monthly newsletters for DHF Newsletter sign ups
  • Create a monthly newsletter for the Wellness Champion Network group
  • Create various triggers on the website that drivers can click on and then create a journey on mailchimp linked to that trigger on our website