DOT Physical 90-Day Automated Message

Qualcomm Message

This message is sent out automatically to every drivers qualcomm message at their 90 day DOT physical marker. Drivers are often concerned about not passing various tests given during this examination like the blood pressure or blood sugar test, as well as many others. The FMCSA DOT Physical is given to drivers to make sure they are safe to drive and, depending on the drivers health status, are required to renew once every 90 days to 2 years.

Current Message

Our current message that is sent out to drivers is listed below. You’ll want to get with Teri Sheffer about changing the message wording so that the driver uses DHF as a contact source for increasing their success of passing the DOT Physical.

Hello from your Driver Health and Fitness team! Quick reminder: YOJAMR (Driver code for specific driver). Your D.O.T. Physical expires within 90 days. To schedule your physical in Springfield MO call Trinity Healthcare at 417-521-3925. Worried you will not pass the physical? Check out our free program “Fit in 15” on our new DHF website on for help! In that program you’ll find exercise and nutrition info that will help you pass! We are here to support you in your needs. Let us know how we can help.

Matt Hancock-DHF Coordinator