Driver Advisory Board Meetings

The Prime Inc. Driver Advisory Board is a select group of drivers with the overall goal to lead the charge for driver feedback within Prime. They meet quarterly at The Oasis in Springfield over various agenda’s relating to every department within Prime. Historically, in order to get an audience on the agenda for this group you’d talk to Clayton Brown in Marketing as he is the one who puts on the events, dinner, and the speaker agenda for this group. Attached below you’ll find a recent sample agenda for this group. We/DHF has spoken at these group meetings about twice a year. They are a great way to get driver feedback and to gain leadership input as all of our top level Prime executives attend and participate. All in all this is a great networking event and I would highly encourage you to even try to be a member on the DAB. In the past, we were able to get our Primed for Life program subsidized and we got great feedback from several drivers with key points to help us push our projects forward. If I were you I would use this group to gather feedback, while “Briefly” sharing some top of mind things we’re working on right now.

Sample Agenda from past meeting