Fleet Manager/Dispatcher Weekly Meetings

A great way to communicate with drivers via their fleet manager

Fleet manager meetings occur every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30am on microsoft teams. The key to achieving victory with drivers in DHF is to get fleet managers on board with communicating your program to them. There are a ton of fleet managers and each manager has around 80 to 150 drivers within their fleet. There are fleet managers for every division; tanker, flatbed, intermodal, and reefer. If we can get buy-in from those fleet managers it goes a long way to helping drivers out on the road. In the past we spoke at these meetings quarterly, although I really think we need to give them monthly updates. The hard part is juggling your time so you’re not overworked and still able to present at these meetings. There are three meetings for fleet managers for various shifts and divisions. I had a hard time hitting them all because I’m a proponent of work life balance and when I was hitting all these meetings it made for very long days. Below I’ve listed a contact for these meetings and the times and days they are held each week. Getting buy in is crucial for DHF communication. I had a few managers on board, but not near enough to make a difference.