Prime Mobile App

The Most Popular and Valuable Communication Method

The Prime Mobile App is the best method of communication for DHF. There are a limited number of people that can send messages out via this method and I wasn’t able to gain access to it until being here for several years prior. I’m hopeful that you will be able to leverage it’s value to our I.T. department to give you access as well. To gain access to sending out messages through it you’ll need to talk to Brianne Madura in IT ([email protected]). I’ve included directions on how to send out messages below and although it’s a very convoluted process, it is the preferred method of communication for drivers because they use the app so often for their daily workloads. Through this method you can send a message to a select list of drivers based on what you’re sending. I constantly used it for sending out program messages to drivers in various programs or for various groups like our Wellness Champion Network group. Drivers rarely look at emails, but they always look at their qualcomm or mobile app messages. The key on these is to not overuse it. Find a happy medium to where you’re using it for maybe a yearly DHF survey, messages through programs, or messages with only breaking news…Not for everyday chatter or messages that could otherwise be sent elsewhere. If I.T. is giving you grief about gaining access to this messaging source, leverage Damian and Darrell to help you out. This is one communication method you do not want to miss out on!!

Instructions for sending out the message are below via an email Brianne sent me in the past.

SO it is a little convoluted but….

You can download a list of all the driver with prime mobile here

and export to excel…..

Then you have to do a vlookup (excel formula) up from your list of driver codes you want to send to, from that you can get the Field that is Ties to IMloging1 and that is what you need to send messages.

The messaging website is

Brianne will have to give you permission to access it

Once you have permission, you will use the send by uuid button

Copy in your list of UUID’s from your spreadsheet vlookup

And set the group (this is the from in the message, very important for replies to the message) to Driver Health & Fitness

Type your message and when you are ready hit send