Another Valuable Communication Outlet

Qualcomm is a device that sits on every truck that is used for communication between the driver and various departments and, most specifically, the drivers fleet manager to send important messages. We also use this in DHF and find it’s a very valuable asset to send messages to individual drivers, but a little more time intensive to send messages to large groups of drivers. We typically use this method as an alternative to Prime mobile app messages. Drivers don’t have to use the prime mobile app (although 90% of our drivers do), so we usually save this for individual messages. Below I’ve listed the qualcomm uses we’ve found to be most important;

  • 90 day DOT physical message automated message goes out via QC (Get with Teri Sheffer in IT to change this message wording once you start)
  • Mass fleet wide messages can be sent out and pinged to every driver in our fleet (we usually use this only for program launch announcements and very important messages so as not to inundate drivers with DHF messaging)
  • Individual messages to specific drivers’ trucks
  • We also have a “DHF Inbox” in which drivers can message us with their individual messages to an inbox labeled “Driver Health and Fitness” on their QC’s

In order to send these messages out you’ll need to have the drivers truck number. The truck number is linked to each drivers QC and will ping to that drivers truck # with your message when sent. Below I’ve listed the process for sending QC messages fleet wide that were sent to me from Teri in IT. She can set you up to send out fleetwide mass messages.

Below is an email from Teri in IT explaining how to send out a message to the whole fleet

Here’s how you do it:

In the Create Message screen in QTRACS (another word for QC), type out your message first, then in the TO field, enter *SELECT and press enter.  This screen will come up.  Put an S in ALLPRIME and press enter.  It takes a little bit, so don’t think there’s something wrong if you sit on the screen for a few minutes. If you decide you just want to do certain drivers, just send Teri the drivers and your message and she’ll gladly do it.