Tuesday Waitline Message

Playing every Tuesday on the Driver Waitline

When a driver calls into Prime to talk to their dispatcher or various departments they are placed on hold. While on hold, certain departments are given a day of each week to record a message for the drivers to listen to. For DHF our message plays on Tuesdays all day. This is a great opportunity to plug drivers into top of mind things in DHF and to keep them abreast of all our latest news, events, and happenings. Generally we record messages no longer than 1-2 minutes in length and it then plays on a loop for drivers when they call in. We’ve had countless drivers over the years listen to these and call us afterwards to ask about said message. I’ve listed the instructions below of how to leave this message from your Avaya phone.

  • The announcement is setup to play on Tuesdays via extension 1735. 
  • You can record a message from your extension by dialing #66 1735 then 1 when ready to record.  Just hang-up to stop recording.  Wait around 15 seconds for it to write to memory and you can check it by calling 1735. 
  • Best to make recording on a day it is not being playing at the same time.