Wellness Champion Network Meetings

Launching in late 2022

Our DHF Wellness Champion Network is a brand new group of drivers. We launched sign ups for this group in mid-2022 and are hoping that this will be a key contributor to spreading the word about DHF programs, projects, and to increase communication for DHF by making drivers advocates out on the road. Anybody can join and all they have to do is fill out a form located on the front page of our website linked below. We have NOT met with this group yet, but the goal is to spread all of our program happenings with them so that they know everything we’re doing in DHF so they can spread it to drivers on the road. The easiest way to hold these meetings is over our Zoom account with video optional so drivers can call in while driving if they don’t want to pull over to use video. The goal with this group is to meet quarterly throughout the year and to not only share all about DHF to drivers, but to also use this platform to listen to our drivers feedback so they can share advice from a drivers perspective that we may not always see from sitting behind a desk.