Driver Health and Fitness YouTube Account

Our DHF YouTube account was made by our DHF team in 2021 in order to not only spread the news about our program, but also as a major housing platform for every video you’ll find on our website. Storing 100’s of videos on our website is impossible just due to the sheer file size it would take to do so, but storing them on our youtube page and pulling over the url’s for our programs is very easy to do. You can find our page at the link below;

Prime Inc. YouTube Page

(Most Reliable Mode of Communication-Lots of Traffic and Volume Hit at one time)

Prime also has a youtube page with a much, much larger following. In order to make a video on this page you must get with someone on our media and marketing team to come up with a plan to shoot, edit, and promote your video and our DHF program. This is a hugely important communication channel to have and you’ll find that this reaches far more drivers than just about any of our other outlets for communication. The problem is that it’s also very hard to put a video on this channel as Prime is very protective of what content goes on it.