DHF Zoom Pro Account

We typically use Zoom for various meetings with drivers. We have found through trial and error that this platform is the best avenue for creating video meetings with driver groups or individual drivers that are out on the road. We pay for a Pro account each year which gives us several perks outside of the free service they offer. You can use this platform for our Wellness Champion Group, for driver focus groups, for individual health coaching calls, or any other reason you find necessary. Internally at Prime we use Microsoft Teams, but we just found too many barriers with drivers using this. Zoom is also connected to our website within Bookly and on our Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling pages. Our trainers and dietitian can use this for their services for drivers that want face-to-face interaction while they’re on the road. Once you begin at Prime, reach out to Jason (Memory Burn web develop contact) and have them put the Zoom account in your name. This way you’ll be the main contact on it moving forward. Our Dietitian Rachel will have all the log-in info to give you.