Driver Health Risk Factors and Research

6 Most Prevalent Driver Health Risk Factors

  1. Sleep Apnea
    • Cardinal Sleep (downstairs in basement of Millenium Building)
      • Heather Moenkhoff
      • Helping to create an efficient referral system from Cardinal Sleep to DHF is key to helping monitor and to give drivers a resource to control risk factors for sleep apnea.
      • Here is a past message from Trinity on how a driver gets flagged for a sleep apnea test at Cardinal Sleep;
        • BMI of 39 or above
        • Mallamapati score looking and tongue and tonsil score – google for imagine reference
        • Size of neck in inches and I believe 17in(maybe be 18in) and above is flagged
        • Gain 10% of their bodyweight from one year to the next
        • BMI is usually the first indicator, if they have a 39 they will have a sleep study per prime regulations. The other regulations are regardless of BMI and taken into account if they are not overweight. 
          • Example, if you mallampatti score is m4t1 it’s not necessarily a flag, just depends on doc recommendations. 
  2. Obesity
    • Obesity involves many factors for a driver. The main factors I’ve listed below as barriers to why drivers gain weight. Our Weight Control Program (Fit in 15) is our resource for teaching drivers how to control their weight over the road and can be found on our website under Programs.
      • Most common factors for weight gain include;
        • Lack of access to healthy foods
        • Lack of knowledge on how to prepare foods in the truck or what to buy on the road at gas stations, truck stops, grocery stores
        • Mental barriers relating to time available to be healthy over the road
        • Lack of knowledge on how to exercise on the road
        • Lack of willpower or motivation to be healthy. Drivers constantly want someone there keeping them on track on a weekly basis, which is hard for us to do with so many drivers
  3. Smoking/Tobacco Use
  4. Mental Health
    • We created Primed For Life program for this outlet. We’ve partnered with Good Dads counselors locally and utilize them for our website service located under the “Primed for Life” section under Services. Drew Dilisio is your contact for this and I’ve included his contact info under the contact list shown later in this onboarding program.
  5. Blood Pressure/Hypertension
  6. Diabetes
    • We are in the middle stages of creating a diabetic management program for drivers via our dietitian. We’ve run into barriers with our driver population via their access to health insurance. We’d love to be able to provide CGM’s to drivers and to monitor their progress via Libre’s dashboard but around 75% of our drivers are independent contractors that may or may not have access to health insurance. So that is a major cost barrier involved in this. Our dietitian Rachel will be able to guide you through our process, the costs, and the program she’s built up on our website that drivers follow along with as they go through our future program.