Driving Dynamics

Driver Tiers and Classifications

Drivers can fall into several categories listed below. Most of our drivers are solo drivers, although team driving is becoming more and more popular and about 25% of our drivers fall into that category.

Timeline of Driver Classifications

  • Upon entry a new driver is classified as a PSD (Prime Student Driver).
    • We currently introduce drivers in this phase to DHF early on in their time at Prime by speaking to them every Tuesday from 11am-11:30am at the Campus Inn. We go over DHF and the importance of health as a new driver at Prime. At this point, drivers will have picked a division that they’ll go into. Most are going to be reefer, flatbed, or tanker drivers. You’ll be able to tell who new drivers are because they wear bright neon vests around Prime’s campus.
  • A PSD will get their CDL through Prime’s driver development program within two weeks of their time at Prime. After they get their CDL, they will be assigned an instructor that will be their mentor and trainer as they enter the next phase of training…
  • The TNT Phase (Trainer and Trainee) phase is required for new drivers to learn the skills of how to drive safely on the road. The driver is required to drive 30,000 miles during this phase which typically takes around 9-12 weeks or three months.
  • After the driver completes their TNT phase they are then given the opportunity to become a company driver or a lease driver. Most go company for the first few years here and then transition to become their own LLC or a lease driver/independent contractor.
  • After a drivers passes TNT they are given the opportunity to get a truck and hit the road as a solo or team driver in their respective division.

Next, I’ll go over Hours of Service Regulations and the governing body behind the trucking industry. It’s very good to know the regulations put on drivers schedules and workloads so we can tailor our activities in a way that is somewhat conducive to their schedule.