Gamification Within Programs

Gamifying is a popular concept in research for adding a competition aspect to various programs within the website for increased engagement. We’ve used it within our weight control program by creating various triggers within the program for watching videos, completing coaching calls, and staying engaged from beginning to end of the program. I’ve included some tutorial videos below. This plugin is a great feature for getting drivers to participate more. Drivers love competitions so this has proven to be a great resource if you can tie it to prizes, a challenge, or Prime rewards points.

We’ve also created leaderboards and linked gravity forms custom fields for weight percent lost or BMI to a leaderboard for our weight control program. Drivers loved this and we had some really great results in our weight control program from drivers losing 4.5% bodyweight, on average, from having a competition in our weight control program in early 2022. You’ll want to talk to Jason about how to do this within a program.

Gamipress Tutorial

What is Gamification?

Creating points types