Admin Login

Admin Login and URL

To log in and make changes to the site on the front and back end you’ll need to go to a specific link and follow the instructions below. If you don’t follow the instructions you’ll most likely get your account blocked after a few tries in which case you’ll talk to Jason and have him unlock it.

Admin URL for logging into your administrator account is below

Step 1: Save the link below and go to it to login to your admin account after getting your username and password from Jason via [email protected]

How to login to that page

Step 2: Enter your username and password as provided by Jason into the box similar to below

Step 3: DO NOT CLICK ON DHF LOGIN!!! That will ultimately take you to the wrong place and we don’t want to do that! Click “Log In” and it will take you where you need to go.

Once logged in you’ll be on the “Front Side” of the website and will see the user interface of our site. This is what a driver will see when accessing the site. Next, I’ll take you through how to access the backside.