What is DHF?

Mobile Health and Wellbeing Program

DHF is made up of what we call a toolbox of health and wellness services and offerings. We know that health is not a one size fits all approach so the following are what make up the bulk of DHF which you’ll find all on our website driverhealthandfitness.com

  • Various programs that drivers can follow along with 24/7/365
    • Weight control
    • Future diabetic management program
    • Trucker Nutrition Guide
    • Back Pain Program
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • In-Person and Remote Personal Training offered via Salt Lake City and Pittston terminals
  • Online follow along exercise videos for both in and out of truck exercising
  • Exercise class sign ups offered in person at both Springfield and Pittston terminals
  • Tobacco Cessation program
  • Primed for Life mental health and lifestyle counseling program (this is the only thing that includes a cost, everything else is free in DHF)
  • Telehealth resources to help drivers gain access to medical care while they’re on the road (driver self pay, not covered or subsidized under DHF)
  • Company Driver Wellness Program

In the following sections I’ll go over the links for these services and how to access them on the website

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