Self-Guided Website Tour

Learning Our Wellbeing Platform

We are essentially the creators and developers of a brand new wellbeing platform. DHF started back in 2012 over a generic website on Over the years our needs progressed and we shopped several different wellbeing platform vendors. Fitbit, Virgin Pulse, WellSteps, Limeade…Until we came to the conclusion that we could build it ourselves. So that’s exactly what I did. From 2020 to the end of 2021 I built our website with the help of our developer, Jason Wilkinson, from Memory Burn LLC. Jason is our go-to third party for website questions and will be a key resource for you in website needs. We launched this new wellbeing platform in February 2022 and are averaging about 100 new driver sign ups per month subscribing as new DHF members.

Below I’ve listed the generic website link and the administrator website link that you’ll need to get into our site and continue progressing our materials, programs, and DHF resources. I recommend your first step be to get into our website and go through all the sections and programs to see what improvements you’d like to make on the site as far as efficiency goes. This onboarding program is also on a separate link outside of the website that you’ll need to access it. That link is included below as well.

Use this link first to get into our website and see what a driver sees

Browse through the site, click through links, and make notes of what you see potential for, and improvements you’d like to see made

Keep the following links handy for when you need to login to the onboarding program or DHF Admin site

Don’t try to login to the admin site without first knowing how to do so, which I’ll explain later in this program. This onboarding program is accessible off of our main website to make it private so you’ll need the link below to access it.