Common Calorie Pitfalls

Are you having trouble hitting your weight goals? Look over these 2 common mistakes to see if they apply to you!

#1 Don’t drink away your calories

Drinking your calories is a sure fire way to have excess calorie intake and therefore fat STORAGE. Why? Well calories in a beverage are usually coming from carbohydrate, specifically ADDED SUGARS. Those added sugars make a big spike in blood sugar, leading to a spike in insulin production which signals your body to store excess calories. And believe me, all of those calories will be excess unless you are going to do 500 jumping jacks!

Click on this Zero or Low Cal drink options list if you need ideas on what to drink

#2 Undereating

UNDEReating?? I’m joking with you- right?!? Nope! Undereating is roughly defined at less than 1200 calories/day for a women and less than 1500 calories/day for a man– and it will SLOW DOWN your calorie burning abilities over time as your metabolism is forced to adjust. But you might say “well I am eating 900 calories a day and I am losing weight!” Unfortunately, that weight may be at least partially coming from your body cannibalizing protein stores in places like your muscles. When you burn muscle mass for energy instead of excess calories or fat stores that weight WILL come back on because your muscle mass burns calories for you. So getting rid of muscle mass leads to a slower metabolism.

Calculate your needs to see if you are shooting your weight loss journey in the foot! Check out this BMR calculator to check out what your minimum calorie intake should be based on your activity level each week.

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