Nutrition for Diabetes

Foods that contain carbohydrate, especially in the simple form, will raise the blood sugar. With balanced eating using the Plate Method, the amount of carb is balanced out by a couple food components that slow down the rise in your blood sugar!

Those food components are lean PROTEIN and FIBER- which NON-STARCHY VEGGIES are rich in!

PROTEIN & FIBER slow down the release of the carb/glucose into or in the intestine when eaten at the same time as a carb food. This means that both protein & fiber play an important role in regulating your blood glucose

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate, but it does NOT raise your blood glucose! Say WHAT??? Yup- it is not really digestible by our cells so we do not get calories from it, but the good bacteria in our gut are able to process it then regulate blood glucose for us

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