Obesity-Part 2

The research shows that whatever eating pattern that YOU personally are able to stick to for the long run is what will provide you with weight loss that STAYS off. However, you do have to have an eating pattern that “creates a negative energy balance and focuses on good food quality to promote health


Because in order to have weight loss you must take in less calories than what you need to maintain the weight.

Many people with sedentary jobs need to watch out on their calorie intake! That is because when you are sedentary all day you typically are burning less calories and the metabolism is lowered by reduced muscle mass content.

So how can we avoid excess calories?

Research has shown over and over that we need adequate protein to satisfy you and keep you full, as well as adequate carb for energy, but to place the emphasis on NON starchy veggies which are very fibrous and FILL you up but are very low in calories!

This is essentially the Plate Method! People who try the plate method to control calories generally have good success because they can turn that eating pattern into a LIFESTYLE instead of a “phase” or a “diet” because it is easy to stick to!

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