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Weight Control Competition


2023 Fit in 15 Weight Control Competition

Are you ready to make changes to your lifestyle to be healthier?
Join Fit in 15 by clicking the button below.

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What is Fit in 15?
  • Follow along workouts filmed both inside and outside of a truck.
  • Helpful nutrition tips and weekly nutrition guides with recipes.
  • Health coaching calls to keep you accountable to reaching your goals!
  • And prizes! Last year’s winner won a Montauge Paratrooper Folding Bike, perfect for staying active on the road.
2022 Fit in 15 Driver Review

Check out what this driver had to say about our last Fit in 15 competition:
“The health and fitness department has gone above and beyond to help drivers with achieving their goals. Diet and exercises are great and easy to follow.”
-Bobby Cleghorn

Learn more by watching this video of a Prime driver who lost 30 pounds in our last Fit in 15 competition.

Equipment Needed
  • Scale
  • Resistance bands
  • Microwave &/or other cooking equipment like an electric skillet, crockpot, etc.
  • Fridge with freezer section
  • Bowls, pates, utensils
  • For easier cleanup- paper towels, parchment paper, food grade cleaning wipes

Weight Loss


Fit in 15!

A weight loss program focused on 3 pillars; Nutrition, Exercise, and Accountability

DHF brings you a program with follow along videos for exercise, nutrition, and tons of accountability built in. Join this 12 week program to learn how to lose and control your weight as a truck driver!
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Back Pain


Functional Freedom

Learn the Keys to Managing Your Back Pain as a Driver.
Certified Exercise Physiologist Matt Hancock breaks down his pain management approach within this 5 week program that has helped several drivers get back on their feet again.
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A Trucker's Guide to Balanced Eating

A go-at-your-own pace program focused on nutrition.
This program can easily be completed in under 2 weeks. It includes nutrition education designed to teach you how to build a balanced eating habit that you can feel satisfied on and meet your nutrition needs.
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Learn how to exercise both inside and outside your truck using your Powerblocks dumbbells and benches. 

This program will take you through 48 follow-along workouts that can be done both in and out of your truck using dumbbells and an exercise bench. Don't have dumbbells? Call our company store at (417)-521-3814 to learn how to order yours today.

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DHF Walking Club

Log Your Miles

Top 15 Leaderboard

Refresh this page daily and click the bars in the graph to see the latest driver mileage totals.

DHF Wellness Champion Network

Are you a driver interested in health, fitness, and make it a priority in your daily life? DHF is looking for you!
The Champion Network is designed to increase awareness, visibility and participation in wellness programs and opportunities as well as providing grassroots support.
Learn More

Learn from fitness and health professionals with experience in the trucking industry.


Colby Hughes

DHF Coordinator

Rachel Dreher

DHF Dietitian Nutritionist

Matt Judy

Salt Lake City Trainer, 
BS, NSCA CSCS, NSCA Personal Trainer

Maria Godfrey

Pittston, PA Personal Trainer, Masters and Bachelors degree
Driver Health and Fitness - Johanna Norsic

Johanna Norsic

Springfield, MO Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor

What else does DHF offer?

Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling

Virtual or face-to-face personal training with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Nutrition Counseling with our DHF Dietitian both focused on the trucking environment.
Personal Training Counseling
Nutrition Counseling

Trucker-Friendly Gyms

Don't miss a day of exercise along your route. Check out our list of trucker-friendly gyms in every state.
Find a gym now

Enhanced dhf programs with built in accountability 

Better programs, molded to be done within the trucking environment. More activities, easier accessibility, and more accountability to stay on track through coaching calls, discussion groups, and group accountability Zoom calls.

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What our drivers are saying

"I joined DHF not long after getting my own truck because I didn’t want to gain weight out on the road. While the 13 week program worked, the new DHF is wonderful! Everything you need to be successful is available…meal planning, exercise routines that are doable, and most importantly, the moral support and encouragement you need to push forward when you don’t really want to. I highly suggest every driver get involved!!"

Katherine Poteat

Prime Driver

Featured image for “Katherine Poteat”
"As a result of using the program my improved health has provided the stamina and focus to drive more miles, complete more loads ahead of schedule, and enjoy home time with family. Would highly recommend this program to all my fellow drivers out there!!"

Paul Dickson

Prime Driver

Featured image for “Paul Dickson”
"The support I’ve received from the DHF staff, and more specifically, Sarah, has been a huge influence on the successes I’ve been able to achieve. I lost a lot of weight, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and my osteoarthritis symptoms have lessened as well."

Blenda Dunn

Prime Driver

Featured image for “Blenda Dunn”

How do I...? Q&A

I'm a team driver. Time is limited and I'm running loads constantly. Is it possible for me to participate when I only have a few minutes a day?
100%! Our programs are built with input from team drivers and only take a handful of minutes each day/week. We'll even have a specific team driver program in the future too!

Are spouses or family members eligible for DHF?

Spouses and family members are not eligible for DHF programs at this time.

Does participating in DHF cost me anything?

No! All our DHF activities and programs are completely free of charge. Be warned though...Many of our programs have forced drivers to buy new clothes because they go down in sizes!!

Where would you recommend I start in this website if I'm just beginning my health journey?

First...Signup and create your account. Then sign up to talk with our DHF staff through a "Discovery Call" located throughout the website. Our DHF staff will assess your health goals and be your liaison through our resources and programs so that we make sure you choose the right fit for your goals based on your experience and lifestyle.

Will being a DHF member help me lose weight?

If you follow our advice and absorb the knowledge we teach you, you'll not only lose weight, but it's possible that your mood and mental state will change as well. Focus on the daily behaviors we teach you and the weight loss will come.

Is DHF still the 13 week program?

No, the 13-week program is no longer offered within DHF.
What services does DHF offer?

DHF offers health and wellness programs, nutrition counseling services, personal training packages, mental health/stress management programs, and a tobacco quit program. *All FREE and accessible over the road with a mobile device.

*The Primed for Life program does cost money, but only because we use licensed counselors that are qualified to help you.

Do I need any equipment to take part in the programs and services?

We try to make all our programs and services accessible by only having a mobile device to access the content on. As of now, the only equipment required is for our PowerBlocks Program (bench and dumbbells). There may be programs in the future that are more specialized that require extra equipment, but we will communicate that with you for those programs.