Independent Contractors: Call Dave Brill (865) 934-4752

      NAWP $10/month Membership benefits:                         

-Mental health support (Espyre), Financial helpline,  Life coverage, Medical coverage, Critical illness Short-term disability, CDL Health Scanner

On Prime's insurance? for EAP benefits call 800-865-1044

-Mental health support, Legal and financial consultations, web-based tools (parenting, identity theft, legal forms, work-life specialists)

Further questions call Brandyn Mallard or Trish Robey (417) 521-3329 or (417) 521-3332

"I've been in this industry a long time, and after so many years it can wear you down. It all starts slow at first. The unhealthy foods, the anger, the stress, the fatigue, the weight gain. From there it cascaded into my mind and gave me a mental block. My relationships at home started to suffer, my relationships at work started to suffer. I was angry and on edge all the time and I felt like I had nowhere to turn. Then I heard about Primed for Life and decided to take a shot. I never looked back. My mental strength and outlook has completely changed the way I live each day. I'm starting to even work on exercising more and eating right. I never did that before. What a game changer."
Anonymous Prime Driver on the "Primed For Life" Program

Mind... Balance... Health

"The counselors...were easy to talk to and really shed a light on how much my mindset affected all my actions at home and on the road. Now my nutrition has improved, my outlook has improved, and I'm starting to lose weight as a result of positive lifestyle choices. Plus it costs a fraction of what you pay at any other company!"
Anonymous Prime Driver
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Primed For Life right for me?

A: This program is suited for any driver due to the daily demands of your occupation. Symptoms commonly experienced by participants before seeking treatment are stress, anxiety, fatigue, anger, relationship problems at home, or depression. These are often symptoms that are rooted in deeper issues.  

Q: I'm worried that by participating, other drivers will find out I'm doing this or that it will effect my employment status with Prime Inc. How do I know this is a confidential service?

A: All participants are protected by HIPAA and no individual's personal information will be shared with Prime Inc. or any other individual's whatsoever. In no way will your employment status with Prime Inc. be affected by taking part in this program.