Fit in 15

Week 8 Nutrition Goals

Your goals for Week 8:

1. Keep doing AWESOME on grocery shopping and cooking from truck! Continue working on cooking at least 1 meal/day in truck and getting your grocery shopping in. Use the recipe videos, snack list, and sample menu and grocery list

Keep in mind that many of the ingredients you have bought in previous weeks will rollover to use in the next week's menu

2. Aim to make non-starchy veggies the largest portion of your plate for 2 meals or 1 meal & 1 snack.

Week 8 recipe playlist

And here's your sample menu and grocery list:

Week 8 menu

Remember to check what you have before you buy all of these items! A lot of the ingredients in here rollover from week to week

Grocery list Week 8

Click for Easy "no recipe" meal ideas if you do not like the weekly menu. Remember to follow the Plate Method where you aim for the largest portion on your plate to be low calorie, non-starchy veggies! No portioning or measuring required because making those veggies the largest portion will naturally reduce the portions you eat of calorie containing foods

Frozen meals are a good thing to keep on hand for a no-brainer meal. However, the freezer section has loads of misleading marketing on meals trying to convince you that they are nutritious.

So read on for recommendations on brands to choose without breaking your calorie bank and/or what to check for on the nutrition label

Remember to follow the Plate method poster when doing grocery shopping.
Now on to snacks!

Truck stop snack ideas

Balanced Snack Ideas

Some of these may require some grocery shopping and adding your choices to your grocery list.

Balanced snack ideas

Remember to pair a snack from the CARB side with a snack from the PROTEIN side! If you have a snack from the CARB side by itself you will have an energy CRASH

Grocery delivery

If you need help on learning how to use Instacart click here


 watch the video below.