Fit in 15

Week 9 Nutrition Goals

Your goals for Week 9:

1. Use the sample menu, playlist, & grocery list below if you only have access to microwave or no cooking equipment

2. Use the other recipes listed as well as the microwave recipes if you have a wider range (instapot/crockpot/airfryer/oven/blender) of cooking equipment & an example sample menu listed below

  • Day 1- B: 2 Egg muffin omelets. L: Pizza in a mug (from playlist) D: Pineapple chicken with salad kit
  • Day 2- repeat Day 1
  • Day 3- B: Berry overnight oats (from playlist) L: White bean turkey chili. D: Sheet pan shrimp & andouille
  • Day 4- repeat Day 3
  • Day 5- repeat Day 3
  • Day 6- B: Monkey overnight oats (from playlist) L: Kung pao tofu. D: White bean turkey chili
  • Day 7- repeat Day 6

Week 9 recipe playlist

And here's your sample menu and grocery list:

Week 9 menu

Remember to check what you have before you buy all of these items! A lot of the ingredients in here rollover from week to week

Week 9 grocery list

Sheet pan meal for Oven or Galanz

Sheet pan shrimp & andouille

  • If you are wanting to try a lower calorie option for the sausage, try a chicken or turkey sausage instead
  • This one pairs well with rice or quinoa. Try the pre-made packets of rice or quinoa for a super quick option

Easy egg muffin omelets

  • Bacon optional if you don't have time/means to cook it separate
  • Try pre-cooked turkey bacon for less prep time

Smoothie recipe

Anti-inflammatory cherry-spinach smoothie

  • Can also use berry-cherry frozen blend.
  • I would recommend buying a tube of pureed ginger instead of buying fresh to cut down on PREP time.
  • Protein is coming from the kefir (can substitute with Greek yogurt) the almond butter & the chia seeds

Crockpot/Instapot meal

Pineapple chicken

  • Make sure to pair with a 1/2 bowl or plate of non-starchy veggies!
  • Salad kit or steamer bag of green beans or broccoli thrown in the last 30 minutes would work well
  • For the author's suggestion of pairing with brown rice, try the pre-cooked packets
  • No need to reduce the sauce over the stove if you don't have a skillet. Put the sauce in a microwave save container (like a large Pyrex glass measuring bowl) and microwave for about 10 minutes or until it thickens

White bean turkey chili

  • Instapot/crockpot/or stovetop
  • Makes 12 servings!
  • Add 3 cans of diced tomatoes, or pair with a salad kit to meet non-starchy veggie needs

Stove top or electric skillet

Kung pao tofu

  • This is a super great recipe to try tofu with if you have not before!
  • The seasoning and browning of the tofu creates great texture and flavor
  • A very low calorie meal as well!
Now on to snacks!

Truck stop snack ideas

Balanced Snack Ideas

Some of these may require some grocery shopping and adding your choices to your grocery list.

Balanced snack ideas

Remember to pair a snack from the CARB side with a snack from the PROTEIN side! If you have a snack from the CARB side by itself you will have an energy CRASH