They said WHAT!?
"My joints feel much better. I’m an older guy and since I’ve started smoothies and adding turmeric, ginger, and garlic as well as avoiding high sugar foods, I’ve felt my joints improve." – Darryl (driver)
"I have started to change my lifestyle and I have lost 8lbs. In a week and 3 days. It is definitely worth it." – Christina (driver)
"All the nutritional information shared in the program has been helpful from the recipes to using the plate method as an easy strategy. I’ve been given new ideas on how to keep my diet focused on eating healthy and balanced while still enjoyable, and I think that’s a major key to forming good eating habits for life." – Andrew (driver)
"We discussed snacking strategies and that resulted in making better choices and eating fewer snacks. I am switching over to primarily plant based food and Rachel has been very helpful with the transition. Replaced daily ibuprofen with turmeric and curcumin for joint discomfort in my hands to prevent long term effects on my kidneys. This has helped tremendously." – Dave (driver)
"Learned so much in just one simple call. Feeling extremely positive about how to implement new changes. Best nutritional advice I have ever had!" – Debbie (driver)
"This program had helped me navigate the changes from bariatric surgery." – Chris (driver)
"Working with Rachel and the ideas she has is really helpful and is keeping me motivated. The new food ideas help me with my energy and motivated. This program is one of the best one I have been on. The videos are great and helpful. And the knowledge from the crew is so great. And love the calls with the other drives, it nice to hear what others are doing and get some ideas from them. So thank you for being here for me." – James (driver)
"I learned a lot about probiotics and how fiber helps with digestion. I was completely clueless about any of this and now i feel like i have more knowledge to help me on my health journey. Thank you for the information." – Kaleigh (driver)
"I have noticed more energy since switching a couple of drinks around to have less sugar. I ran instead of walked my dog." – Jacob (driver)
"My clothes are fitting looser, and I feel ready to get out of bed in the mornings as my energy has increased. Before starting to cook in the truck, I was spending $400 a week on food and drinks, but now I am spending about $100 that lasts 2 weeks." – Randy (driver)
"I’m eating from truck, I’m working out, getting up early. I’m feeling better, a little lighter! Got my bike and am working out. My wife told me I lost weight." – Roshane (driver)
"Rachel is very helpful and educational for me and I want to continue that so I can stay on my health journey! I am feeling less bloated after meals, and I can eat apples now without getting a blood sugar crash because I added peanut butter in." – Hannah (driver)
"I was told by my mom that if I lose any more weight, I need to buy new pants. 😂😂😂😂" – (driver)
"The DHF program at Prime is an excellent tool to use. Great recipe ideas and effective on the road workouts." – Justin (driver)
"The new DHF is wonderful! Everything you need to be successful is available…meal planning, exercise routines that are doable, and most importantly, the moral support and encouragement you need to push forward." – Kathy (driver)
"I started doing the workouts Matt Judy sent me first thing in the morning and went back to strict dieting and portion control to take the weight off and get the blood sugar and blood pressure heading back the right direction." – Keith (in-house)
"I have lost a little over 20lbs. My overall health has started improving. I got my 2 year physical card back. So I can stay out and keep providing for my family doing something I enjoy…Thanks to the Driver Health and Fitness team. I really appreciate it." – Bobby (driver)

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