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  • I have truly enjoyed working with you over the course of your training sessions. I love the way you’ve taken charge and moved your fitness ahead through decisive action. Your ability to follow through and to do the work (even when it’s hard) is admirable. Well done! In fact, you’re exactly the type of client I love working with. If you have any of your fellow Prime drivers in need of help growing their own fitness, I’d be honored if you would pass their contact info along to me. By way of introduction, you might want to share with them the details of your fitness successes (I will never disclose that information, as you know) and how I helped you accomplish your goals. Feel free to share our DHF website and my personal credentials with anyone you feel might be a good fit. I’ll be more than happy to schedule a complimentary call with them to explore the possibilities. Thank you again, and I look forward to watching your continued progress! Matt Judy, CSCS