How does the DHF Smoking Cessation Program Work?

Matt Hancock / August 24, 2021

Prime, inc. is dedicated to helping its drivers kick the butt, FOR GOOD. This is why we are announcing a BRAND NEW process and referral system for the tobacco cessation program. DHF, Trinity Healthcare, and St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Funds “Rigs without Cigs” will be there to help drivers fight cravings and quit tobacco for good. Check out how the process works and how to sign up below.

Step 1

To get started Trinity offers a FREE initial visit to assess individual needs regarding smoking cessation strategies. This appointment is FREE regardless of a driver having insurance through Prime Inc. and may be done virtually or in-person. To schedule an appointment the driver will call Trinity Wellness Coordinator Nancy Copanos at (417)-521-3936 or Trinity Healthcare’s front desk at (417)-521-3925. Dr. Abraham and his staff will help the driver design a quit plan and may implement nicotine replacement therapy. This therapy could include prescribing Wellbutrin or suggesting a number of over-the-counter options including patches, lozenges, gum, inhalers or nasal sprays.

Step 2

Once the initial visit is done with Trinity Healthcare, the driver will then be referred to sign up for the Rigs without Cigs Program. Drivers who sign up for the campaign will get weekly emails or phone calls to answer any questions or to provide encouragement for continuing to cut back on tobacco use. Drivers will participate in the year long program and receive incentives at the 3,6,9, and 12 month marks. For further details and how to sign up follow the link below.