Bobby Cleghorn

In by Kevin Grimes

Prior to starting the fit in 15 program, I was just feeling tired and run down. I’ve been at this a while and always on time, 2 million safe miles here at Prime, and consider myself a pretty decent driver. But, over the last few years I have gotten kinda stagnant I’m my ways. I work and I go home and work around our property. But I was putting on more weight, then came the cpap machine. Losing my 2 year physical card. So when they introduced this program I decided to give it a honest try. It has been working great. End of week 7 here for me. I feel better more energy. I have lost a little over 20lbs. My overall health has started improving. I got my 2 year physical card back. So I can stay out and keep providing for my family doing something I enjoy. The commitment DHF team has put into this is outstanding. If you ever served a lot of the exercises will be familiar. I called them calisthenics back in the day. New names same exercises. I hope if anyone is thinking about trying any of these programs they go ahead and pull the trigger. Also the diet part is broken down into the foods we can find on the road or in our fridges.

Thanks to the Driver Health and Fitness team.
I really appreciate it.