Fit in 15

Week 8 Recipes, tips, & tricks for meal prep

Aim to make the largest portion of 2 meals NON- starchy veggies

Monday- B:  Fruity smoothie  or 2 energy balls  L: Basic tuna meal  OR  microwave veggie Mac & Cheese D:  Instapot chicken burrito bowl  OR  air fryer, oven/Galanz Sheet pan fajitas 

Tuesday- B: Repeat Monday  L: Leftovers from Monday lunch  D:  Leftover from Monday dinner

Wednesday- B: Repeat Monday L:  Microwave Mac and cheese recipe #2 with salad or canned veggies on the side  D: Leftover from Monday dinner

Thursday- B:  Chia seed pudding OR microwave omelet with quinoa & greens  L:  Leftovers from Wednesday lunch  D: Roy's crockpot roast   OR  1-pot Italian chicken skillet  in electric skillet or stove top OR  Pineapple pork  in Galanz, air fryer, or oven

Friday- B: Repeat Thursday  L:  Use up some pantry items with Microwave Chickpea curry add  canned or rotisserie chicken for more protein  D:  Leftovers from Thursday dinner

Saturday- B: Repeat Thursday   L:  Leftovers Friday lunch  D:  Leftovers from Thursday dinner

Sunday- B: Repeat Thursday  L:  Leftovers Friday lunch  D: Leftovers from Thursday dinner

DHF really appreciates the recommendation of driver-approved tips, tricks, & products listed at the bottom of this page! If you have suggestions you think would benefit others, please send us an email at [email protected] or post to our facebook group- Prime Driver Health and Fitness

Meal prep tips

Storage can be a big issue when it comes to meal prep on the truck

1. Drivers recommend investing in a vacuum sealer to store weeks of food at a time without going bad and taking up tons of space

  • Find a USB rechargeable vacuum sealer and bags from Walmart here- Vacuum & Bags
  • Another option is to simply take a ziploc bag and suck out the air with a straw. Cheap but it works!

2. Drivers recommend investing in a blender to make nutritious smoothies. The Blend Jet 2 (battery powdered, USB rechargeable) is especially driver friendly as you can put your ingredients in before driving, place the entire blender in your cupholder, then press the button and blend without having to plug it in or stop driving!

  • Click to get a Blend Jet 2 and cut down on time even MORE by prepping smoothie ingredients in baggies for quick access
  • Another great blender is the Vitamix for larger batches of smoothies. Uses 1200-1400 W

Cleaning tips & tricks

Without the right tools for clean up...let's just say it can get messy trying to clean dishes in the truck stop shower

Instead, try these driver recommended products

  1. Dawn spray soap- cuts through the grime leaving minimal scrub time
  2. USB rechargeable spray bottle- powerful & helpful tool that holds 1 Liter of water at a time
  3. Eat cleaner food grade wipes- quick swipe of fruits, veggies, even dishes so it saves a bunch on water
  4. Handy Clean Rinse-Free wipes- wipes for cleaning off cooking equipment
  5. Collapsible dish pan- space saving equipment that also doubles as a cutting board
  6. Large water container with spigot- set to the end of doorway & clean dishes on step
  7. For blenders- clean quickly by simply filling halfway with water + dab of soap, turn on for 30 seconds to 1 minute, drain, then rinse with plain water
  8. Parchment paper makes for easy cleanup when using pans or dishes in the Galanz or standard oven
  9. Baking soda + water method for Instapot- You can get off any kind of caked on grimed with this quick cleaning hack! Here are the instructions: If you have stubborn burnt-on food that won't come off with normal scrubbing, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the pot and fill it with 4 cups of water. Pressure-cook for 5 minutes, then allow a natural release. When the pressure is completely released, remove the lid and wash the inner pot with warm soapy water.